Supply & Demand: June 2006 Archives

Earlier today I was talking to someone about the build-to-order economy of the modern electronics industry, in a "how much easier things were ten years ago, before the 2001 crash" refrain. Then I ran across this while looking at some other notes:

“One lesson I have learned in my 26-year tenure in the semiconductor business is that no-one can predict the short-term fluctuations in our industry. “I called one of our division general managers on the last day of November at 3pm and asked him how his month was going. ‘I don’t know,’ he replied. ‘The month is only half over.’” – Robert S. Throop, chairman and CEO of Anthem Electronics, writing in the Manager’s Casebook section of Microelectronics News, 11th January, 1986.

Anthem was one of the main electronics components distributors in the US at the time. The company later merged with Arrow Electronics.